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Thursday, August 09, 2012


Environmental Watchdog Hounded by Accusations
Shanghai Daily, August 9, 2012

Hong Kong

香港独立媒体遇袭,言论自由再受挑战 (Another Challenge to Free Speech as Hong Kong In-Media Is Attached)
Deutsche Welle, August 8, 2012,,16151150,00.html

独媒办事处被四歹徒持铁槌破坏 (4 Thugs Attack In-Media Office with Hammers)
In-Media, August 8, 2012獨媒辦事處被四歹徒持鐵槌破壞

A photoset of the damage:

Human Rights Defenders

四川自贡市警方对维权人士刘正有监控升级 (Sichuan: Police Monitoring on Activist Liu Zhengyou Intensifies)
Radio Free Asia, August 8, 2012


薄谷开来、张晓军故意杀人案一审开庭 (Homicide Hearing Opens for Bogu Kailai and Zhang Xiajun)
Xinhua News Agency, August 9, 2012  

合肥谷开来案庭审戒备森严 拥薄民众被带走 (Bo Supporters Taken Away from Anhui Court Heavily-guarded for Gu Kailai Trial)
Radio France Internationale, August 9, 2012

Murder Trial of Chinese Politician's Wife Set to Start
NPR, August 8, 2012

Protests and Petitions

又一次成功的抗争 (Another Protest Success)
Deutsche Welle, August 8, 2012,,16152137,00.html


Taiwanese Protest Chinese Envoy's Arrival
The Associated Press, August 8, 2012


Protests as Monks Are Detained
Radio Free Asia, August 8, 2012