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Friday, May 06, 2022

China's Reach (中国:内控与外扩)

China unveils its vision of a global security order
The Economist, May 5, 2022

Xinjiang cotton found in Adidas, Puma and Hugo Boss tops, researchers say
The Guardian, May 5, 2022

Drone Giant DJI’s Russia Halt Pressures Other China Big-Techs
大疆暂停俄乌业务 中国科技企业面临两难

Financial Times, May 6, 2022

China’s Covid Policies Have European Companies Wary of Investing

The New York Times, May 6, 2022

无力摆脱对西方金融系统依赖或是中国的一重大战略软肋(Inability to break free from reliance on Western financial system may be a major strategic weakness of China)
Voice of America, May 6, 2022

Chinese social media groups reveal nationalist influencers blogging from abroad
Financial Times, May 6, 2022

Digital Times, May 5, 2022

Human Rights Defenders & Civil Society (人权捍卫者与公民社会)

Jimmy Lai: Prosecutors could amass more evidence against jailed media tycoon after liquidators drop bid for return of 2.8 million files seized by police
South China Morning Post, May 6, 2022

Prosecution reaches plea deal with Hong Kong radio host ‘Giggs’ after year-long detention
Hong Kong Free Press, May 6, 2022

阮民安2月被捕還押至今 太太攜子離港︰這一程飛機沒退路(Detained since February, pro-democracy singer Tommy Yuen is charged with sedition; wife and sons leave HK: This is a one-way flight)
Ming Pao, May 6, 2022

社民連曾健成出獄 手持鄒幸彤畫像勉「手足」撐住(League of Social Democrats' Bull Tsang released from jail, holds Chow Hang-tung's portrait to encourage "comrades" to hang in there), May 6, 2022

Hong Kong man arrested over ‘weird’ notifications sent by TVB News app
Hong Kong Free Press, May 6, 2022

江西维权人士朱玉芳“被寻衅滋事”案今日开庭(Trial of Jiangxi rights activist Zhu Yufang charged with "picking quarrels and provoking trouble" opens today)
Weiquanwang, May 6, 2022

上海封城乱象丛生 人权律师组法律顾问团协助索赔(Shanghai's lockdown is full of chaos; legal advisory team of the Human Rights Lawyers Group assists in claims)
Radio Free Asia, May 6, 2022

The crackdown on China’s ‘moderate’ rights voices: how tweets are now landing people in prison
South China Morning Post, May 6, 2022

Law & Policy (法律与政策)

习近平:“防控方针由党的性质和宗旨决定”( Xi Jinping: "The policy of prevention and control is determined by the nature and purpose of CPC")
Deutsche Welle, May 6, 2022

抓紧抓实疫情防控重点工作 习近平主持会议作出最新部署(Pay close attention to the key work of epidemic prevention and control; Xi Jinping hosts meeting, issues latest orders)
People, May 6, 2022

Current Topics (热门话题)

聯國人權專員中國之行只到廣州新疆不訪港 稱將提及包括香港在內人權議題(UN Human Rights Commissioner's China trip to only include Guangzhou, Xinjiang, not Hong Kong; says will mention human rights issue including HK)
Ming Pao, May 6, 2022

Xi Jinping attacks ‘doubters’ as he doubles down on China’s zero-Covid policy
The Guardian, May 6, 2022

Has Shanghai Been Xinjianged?

The New York Times, May 6, 2022

‘I’m Very Anxious’: China’s Lockdowns Leave Millions Out of Work

The New York Times, May 6, 2022

李家超出席造勢大會 強調團結社會與民同為港開新篇(John Lee attends campaign rally, emphasizes uniting society and opening a new chapter for HK with the people)
Radio Television Hong Kong, May 6, 2022

Commentary & Analysis (评论与分析)

How China is stepping up harassment of foreign correspondents
Committee to Protect Journalists, May 6, 2022

中国正在为自己的谎言买单(China is paying for its own lies)
Radio France Internationale, May 6, 2022

Urgent Life-Threatening Conditions in Lockdown Shanghai Demand Prompt Investigation
Chinese Human Rights Defenders, May 5, 2022