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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

March 09, 2010


內地今年推官員財產申報制 (China to Implement Declaration System of Officials' Assets)
Beijing Youth Daily (via Ming Pao), March 08, 2010

China's Next Leaders Jockey for Position
The Wall Street Journal, March 07, 2010

Human Rights Defender - Mao Hengfeng (
毛恒凤再次被判劳教一年半 (Mao Sentenced to One Year, Six Months of Reeducation-Through-Labor)
Radio Free Asia, March 08, 2010

Human Rights Defenders
Scores of Rights Activists Rounded up or Warned
South China Morning Post, March 09, 2010

杨博维权被扣法律工作者执业证 (Authorities Withhold Demobilized Cadre Yang Bo's Lawyer License After His Free Legal Advice for Evicted Farmers)

Radio Free Asia, March 08, 2010

六成工人认为当前最大不公平是劳动者收入过低 (Survey: Over 60% of Workers View Low Income as Most Unfair)
China News Service, March 09, 2010

全国人大代表政协委员谈司法体制和工作机制改革 (NPC, CPPCC Delegates Discuss Judicial System Reform)
Xinhua News Agency, March 08, 2010

Electoral Change on Table
China Daily, March 09, 2010

Related News
流動者欠保障 上訪者轟做騷 (Voting Rights of Petitioners, Migrant Workers Not Specified)
Ming Pao, March 09, 2010

China Censors Academy Award Nominations
Voice of America, March 08, 2010

China Vows Moves on Property Prices, Health Care
Associated Press (via Yahoo! News), March 08, 2010

Adviser Queries Living Buddha Appointments
South China Morning Post, March 09, 2010


Delegate Dares to Challenge Official Policy on Xinjiang
South China Morning Post, March 09, 2010