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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

November 2, 2005

Top News of the Day

Detention- Wang Wanxing /UN

Report: China Dissident Freed From Asylum
AP via
, 02/11/2005
A New York-based rights group has reported that Wang Wanxing, a political dissident who was committed to police-run Ankang Hospital for 13 years for displaying a banner to commemorate the 1989 pro-democracy demonstrations, has been freed and put on a flight to Germany to join his family there. The group said that the release was timed ahead of an upcoming visit to China by the U.N. High Commissioner of Human Rights, Louise Arbour.


Bilateral Ties

China Urges "Political Will" From Japan to Improve Bilateral Ties After Cabinet Reshuffle

People's Daily, November 01, 2005

Stronger China Means Peace, Stability; Its Development Undermines No One - Hu
Forbes, November 01, 2005

Teenagers Speak for Children's Rights at Forum, November 01, 2005

Digging in Over Coal Mine Corruption

, 02/11/2005

Death Penalty
Vice Chief of Anshun Police Station Sentenced to Death for Murder
派出所副所长酒后5枪打死狱警续:终审被判死刑, 02/11/2005

Female Officer in Beihai Social Security Bureau Sentenced to Death for Plotting Murder
广西北海市社保局女官员雇凶杀人 被判处死刑, 01/11/2005

Detention- Shi Tao (師濤) /Media-Internet
Privacy Watchdog Sees No Wrong in Yahoo! Disclosure
SCMP, 02/11/2005

Detention-Wang Sen(王森) / Human Rights-Bilateral Ties
Activists Send Open Letter to Bush to Urge Release on Medical Parole of Detained Dissident Wang Sen
Voice of America, 01/11/2005

Economic Development

Update 1: China's Railways to Issue Some Shares

, November 01, 2005

Environment /Protests and Petitions

“Yancheng Cancer Village” in Jiangsu: Pollution Caused Hundreds of Deaths in 3 Years
江苏省盐城癌症村:污染致近3年上百人死于癌症 (China), 02/11/2005

Rural Dwellers to be Granted Urban Rights
China Daily, 02/11/2005

Listeners Comment on the Implementation of Hukou System and Labor Law in China
Voice of America, 01/11/2005

Old System, New Realities
The Standard, 31/10/2005


Human Rights-Freedom of speech
Freedom of Speech is Still a Trial in China
The Age via China Digital News, 02/11/2005

Human Rights Cases—Labor Activists
Bush Asked To Press Beijing To Parole Diabetic Activist

Dow Jones Newswires
, November 01, 2005

Human Rights Cases-Journalists
The Soft Underbelly of Freedom
Wall Street Journal (Asia), November 01, 2005

Law-Administrative Law and Procedure
Dispute Leaves U.S. Executive In Chinese Legal Netherworld
New York Times, November 01, 2005

Law-Juvenile justice

Amendments Underway on Legislation to Protect Juvenile Delinquents


Legal Daily
, 02/11/2005

Why Do the Number of Juvenile Courts Keep Dropping?


Legal Daily
, 01/11/2005

Media-Press freedom/censorship
American Members of Congress and Media Experts Urge China to Promote Press Freedom
Voice of America, 01/11/2005

Protests and Petitions
Police Officials Uses Violence to Stop Beijing Petitioners
北京上访形势越演越烈 各地方警察进京拦截访民
Radio Free Asia, 02/11/2005

Protests and Petitions - Resettlement
Oil Investors Tapped Out Of Wells; China Orders Private Drillers to Halt Desert Operations
Washington Post, November 01, 2005

Public Health
New Rural Medical Co-Operatives Under Scrutiny
China Daily, 02/11/2005

China Pledges Transparency Over Bird Flu

The Guardian
, November 01, 2005,14207,1606149,00.html

Demand Soars For Fruit Used In Bird-Flu Drug
Wall Street Journal, November 01, 2005

Public Health-HIV AIDS /STDs
Official HIV Estimate May be Overstated
SCMP, 02/11/2005

China's farmer army defends forgotten frontier
Reuters via, November 01, 2005

FEATURE-China's Muslim Uighurs "don't dare talk"
Reuters Alert Net, November 01, 2005