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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

May 8, 2007

Top News
Protests and Petitions

徵地连爆衝突 汕头村民袭官劫砸毁警车 (Victims of Land Grabs in Guangdong Rob Cadre's Home)
Ming Pao, May 08, 2007
A series of riots erupted in Shantou, Guangdong Province during the May 1 holiday week. Dissatisfied with land grabs, 100 villagers robbed a cadre's home on May 2. In another incident, hundreds of villagers surrounded a village office and used incense to choke the cadres inside. The authorities have not taken any action against the villagers so far.

Death Penalty

弟弟贪千万公款助哥哥豪赌 分别被判死缓和无期 (Jiangsu Cadre Sentenced to Death with Two-Year Reprieve for Embezzling Public Funds to Help Brother Addicted to Gambling)
Xinhuanet, May 08, 2007

Human Rights
业主维权的组织与策略创新 (Apartment Owners in Tianjin Have Established New Rights Defense Strategies)
Nanfang City News, May 08, 2007

Human Rights Defender - Yan Zhengxue (严正学)
一百多名浙江农民及工人上书为严正学申冤 (100 Zhejiang Farmers and Workers Sign Open Letter to Appeal Yan Zhengxue's Conviction)
Radio Free Asia, May 07, 2007

Human Rights Defender – Huseyin Celil (塞利尔)
加拿大国会敦促中国准许加驻华官员探望塞利尔 (Canadian Parliament Urges China to Let Canadian Officials Visit Huseyin Celil)
Radio Free Asia, May 07, 2007

Human Rights Defender - Sun Buer (孙不二)
泛蓝联盟孙不二逃脱“强制旅游” (Pan-Blue Alliance Member Sun Bu'er Escapes from "Forced Travels")
Radio Free Asia, May 07, 2007

Human Rights Defenders
中国泛蓝联盟河南负责人蔡爱民被拘禁15天 (Pan-Blue Alliance's Henan-Based Member Cai Aimin Released After 15 Days of Detention)
Radio Free Asia, May 07, 2007

Human Rights Defender – Zheng Enchong (郑恩宠)
郑恩宠妻子蒋美丽在北京被国保跟踪 (Zheng Enchong's Wife Jiang Meili Followed by Domestic Security Protection Section in Beijing)
Radio Free Asia, May 07, 2007

番禺港企员工疑組工会被炒 (Labor Union Leader of Hong Kong-Funded Enterprise in Guangdong Dismissed)
Ming Pao, May 08, 2007

China Toils over New Labor Law
China Daily, May 07, 2007

Quantum Leap Claimed in Tighter Internet Security
South China Morning Post, May 08, 2007

五一假期大批论坛关闭整顿 当局新一波收紧网络言论 (Web Sites and Blogs Shut Down During May 1 Holiday Week)
Radio Free Asia, May 07, 2007

《炎黄春秋》连发呼吁民主的文章为何安然无恙? (Why Do the Pro-Democracy Articles in Beijing-Based Current Affairs Magazine Go Uncensored?)
Radio Free Asia, May 07, 2007

店主在派出所离奇死亡 家属要求当局验尸被拒 (Henan Shop Owner Found Dead in Police Sub-Station, Family's Autopsy Request Turned Down)
Radio Free Asia, May 07, 2007

实现民主要尊重公民权力 国家行政学院教授发文称中国民主模式已确立 (Academic from China National School of Administration Claims China's Model for Democracy Has Been Established)
Nanfang Daily, May 08, 2007

浙江:下属超生2次以上单位一把手将被降免职 (Local Government Leaders in Zhejiang to Be Demoted or Sacked If Subordinates Violate One -Child Policy Twice)
Xinhuanet, May 08, 2007

Protests and Petitions
无锡访民五一期间自发集会互通维权信息 (Jiangsu Petitioners Use SMS to Organize Meeting to Discuss Land Grab Complaints)
Radio Free Asia, May 07, 2007

Public Health
Beijing Targets Halving of HIV Cases
South China Morning Post, May 08, 2007

China Caught in Tobacco Dilemma
Voice of America, May 07, 2007

资深藏族学者平汪据报上书胡锦涛 (Veteran Tibetan Scholar Writes to Hu Jintao Criticizing "Hawkish" Position Towards Dalai Lama)
BBC, May 08, 2007

China Orders Resettlement of Thousands of Tibetans
McClatchy Newspapers, May 06, 2007

Hong Kong
Legco Censure of Beijing Blocked
South China Morning Post, May 08, 2007