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Monday, November 28, 2005

November 26-28, 2005


Children - Abuse
60% Children Beaten by Parents in China, November 11, 2005

Official: Casualties in Accidents, Disasters Total 1 Million in China a Year
People's Daily, November 28, 2005

《义务教育法》修订草案下月提交全国人大常委会讨论 (NPC to Review Compulsory Education Law), November 28, 2005

Environment – Harbin Water Crisis
Culture of Secrecy and Poor Communications Hobble Disaster Response
SCMP, November 28, 2005

Some Taps Flowing Again in Harbin
SCMP, November 28, 2005

Apology to Russia for Jilin Toxic Spill in River
SCMP, November 27, 2005

China's Response to Disasters Impeded by Secrecy
Financial Times, November 28, 2005

双苯厂爆炸对松花江水体造成严重污染的教训 (Lesson Learned in River Contamination)
Radio Free Asia, November 27, 2005

Defiant Villagers Refuse to Flee Toxic Spill
SCMP, November 26, 2005

River Pollution Spurs Measures for Cleaner Water, November 25, 2005

Plant Closed After Benzene Explosion
SCMP, November 26, 2005

Human Rights
How China Silenced Dissenters
Chicago Tribune, November 27, 2005

Worst Treated Prisoners in China are Minorities, Falun Gong Members
AFP via, November 27, 2005

Labor – Industrial Accidents
Blast Kills 30, Traps 149 Miners in China Colliery
Reuters via, November 28, 2005

黑龙江煤矿爆炸65人获救 (65 People Rescued from Heilongjiang Mine Explosion)
Ming Pao, November 28, 2005

Labor - Protests
中国劳动争议案件趋升 劳资矛盾成社会矛盾焦点 (Labor Disputes on the Rise in China), November 28, 2005

Law – Legal Reform
法官负责制有利于司法公正 (China to Increase Accountability of Judges)
Legal Daily, November 28, 2005

北京市修改罪犯假释规定 (Beijing Government to Amend Parole Regulation)
Radio Free Asia, November 26, 2005

最高法拟定执行改革初步方案 建立分权制衡机制 (Supreme Court Drafts Initial Plan for Reform of Court System), November 25, 2005

Hu Leads the Way in Ideological Battle
SCMP, November 27, 2005

Population – One-child Policy
甘肃取消生育间隔规定 (Gansu to Relax Rules on Interval Between Birth of Children)
China Daily, November 28, 2005

Poverty / Public Health
讨论:农民无钱看病,送母亲殡仪馆等死 - 中国农民看病难的现实和出路 (Discussion: Why a Poor Farmer Had to Send Her Mother to Await Death in a Funeral Home)
Radio Free Asia, November 26, 2005

Protests and Petitions
Villagers Stand Trial for Second Time over Riot
SCMP, November 26, 2005

北京上访村村民被迫露宿街头 (Petitioners Forced to Camp Outdoors in Beijing)
Radio Free Asia, November 25, 2005

Public Health - HIV AIDS /STDs
艾滋病逼近大学校园?(Campuses Might be Breeding Grounds for AIDS, Health Official Warns)
China Youth Daily, November 28, 2005

贫困艾滋感染者获救助 (Poor AIDS Patients to Receive Assistance)
Beijing Youth Daily, November 28, 2005

Hunan Reports Rapid Rise in HIV Infection Cases, November 27, 2005

Religion - Christianity
对华援助协会谴责支持中国登记家庭教会言论 (Christian Group Denounces Law Requiring House Churches to Register)
Radio Free Asia, November 25, 2005

Rural Issues
Livelihood of Millions of Chinese Farmers at Stake from Bird Flu
AFP via, 28/11/2005

China to Develop 13 Million Hectares' Grassland in South
People's Daily, November 27, 2005

Hu Ally Takes Top Party Job in Tibet
SCMP, November 28, 2005