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Friday, July 08, 2016

Access to Justice (司法公正)

最高法:八种情况可申请国家司法救助, 规定额度上限 (Supreme People's Court: 8 circumstances in which state assistance may be applied for, with limit on maximum amount to be awarded)
YuYao News, July 6, 2016

Woman detained in China’s lawyer crackdown pens letter of apology, says she was “used” by foreign orgs
Hong Kong Free Press, July 8 2016

中国维权律师关注组发布709事件周年最新发展及寻人启事 (China Human Rights Lawyers Concern Group issues latest development of 709 Crackdown and search notices)
Radio Free Asia, July 7, 2016

中国维权律师妻子集体上访最高检 (Wives of Chinese rights lawyers gather to petition at the Supreme People's Procuratorate)
Deutsche Welle, July 7, 2016中国维权律师妻子集体上访最高检/a-19386016

China’s shattered dream for the rule of law, one year on
China Change, July 8, 2016

Mass Crackdown on Chinese Lawyers and Defenders
Human Rights in China, February 5, 2016

China violated rights of detained American, U.N. panel says
The New York Times, July 8, 2016

Access to Information (信息公开)

中国大陆警方近来严查网购境外“禁书” (Mainland Chinese police closely investigate online purchases of foreign “banned books” recently)
Radio Free Asia, July 7, 2016

2016年昆明将加大推进水源水质信息公开 (In 2016, Kunming will increase promotion of information disclosure on water sources and quality)
Yunnan Info, June 30, 2016

China’s Communist Youth League joins witch-hunt of film director Zhao Wei for using “pro-Taiwan-independence” actor
South China Morning Post, July 8, 2016

Citizen Participation (公民参与)

留学人员成统战新着力点, 中央明确欧美同学会应成立党组 (Chinese students studying abroad a new focal point for United Front work, CPC clarifies that Western Returned Scholars Association should establish Party Organization(s))
Phoenix News, July 6, 2016

Government Accountability (政府问责)

潘基文:活跃的民间社会和自由媒体对中国发展至关重要 (UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon: Active civil societies and free media are essential to China’s development)
Radio Free Asia, July 7, 2016

大赦国际和香港人权机构呼吁中国政府停止残酷压制人权律师 (Amnesty International and Hong Kong organization call on Chinese government to stop brutal suppression of rights lawyers)
Voice of America, July 8, 2016

Body found in wreckage of home forcibly demolished in central China
South China Morning Post, July 8, 2016

China jails “Xinjiang sage” connected to former security chief
Reuters, July 8, 2016

County officials in Tibet seize land, sell at a profit to developers
Radio Free Asia, July 7, 2016

National Security & Counterterrorism (国家安全和反恐)

中国两支最强反恐部队将首次共同 赴俄参加演习 (China's 2 strongest counter-terrorism units to jointly visit Russia for 1st time to engage in exercises)
Sina News, June 29, 2016

浙江警方开出首张个人“反恐罚单” (Zhejiang police issue first individual notice of “counter-terrorism infringement”)
Taizhou Evening News, July 5, 2016

Hong Kong (香港)

郭声琨会见香港特区政府代表团 (Guo Shengkun, Minister of Public Security, meets with HK SAR delegation)
Legal Daily, July 6, 2016

Video: Demosistō activist Oscar Lai ousts his two “minders” during democracy protest, takes selfie
Hong Kong Free Press, July 8, 2016

China’s disturbing detention of Hong Kong booksellers
The Diplomat, July 7, 2016

中國內地派至香港的特工疑增多 (Mainland China allegedly has sent more agents to Hong Kong)
Radio France Internationale, July 5, 2016中國/20160705-中國內地派至香港的特工疑增多