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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

July 15, 2009


Filthy Water Talk Floods S China Province (via, July 15, 2009
Protests and Petitions

原三门峡水电学校学生集体上访 黑龙江省政府门前访民抗议 (Students Petition The Construction of The Sanmenxia Hydropower Plant)
Radio Free Asia, July 14, 2009

新华社推出全球视频节目 (Xinhua Launches Global Station)
Radio Free Asia (via Radio Free Asia), July 14, 2009

Urumqi Tense after Police Shooting
Agence France Presse (via South China Morning Post), July 14, 2009

傅希秋吁新疆当局释放家庭教会成员 (President of China Aid Calls on Church Members to Be Released)
Voice of America (via Voice of America), July 14, 2009
Public Health

Insurance Fix A Win for HIV Patients
China Daily (via China Daily), July 15, 2009
广州市外来工医保下月起实施(图) (Health Program for Migrant Workers in Guangzhou Comes into Effect Next Month)
Xinhua (via Net Ease), July 14, 2009

Senior Chinese Leader Urges Efforts to Curb Corruption
Xinhua (via Xinhua), July 14, 2009
Bilateral Ties

Australian PM Raises Stakes in China Spy Case
Reuters (via Yahoo! News), July 15, 2009

中国进行政法干警招录培养体制改革试点 (Chinese Police to Reform Training System)
Xinhua (via Net Ease), July 14, 2009
Death Toll Rises to Five, Two Missing in China Factory Blast
Xinhua (via Xinhua), July 15, 2009
Corporate Social Accountability

Suspended Death Sentence for Sinopec Ex-chief
Agence France Presse (via Yahoo! News), July 14, 2009
涉嫌诈骗2.9亿元 中行高山案一嫌犯首都机场落网 (Suspected Perpetrator in Bank of China Fraud Worth 290 Million RMB is Arrested)
Xinhua (via Xinhua), July 14, 2009