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Friday, July 29, 2011


广西贵港钢铁厂煤气管道泄漏 已造成103人中毒 (Gas Leak at Guangxi Steel Plant Poisons 103 Local Villagers)
China National Radio, July 29, 2011

温州司法局律协就禁止律师帮动车事故家属致歉 (Wenzhou Bureau of Justice and Lawyers Association Apologize for Forbidding Lawyers from Representing Crash Victims)
The Beijing Times, July 29, 2011

Media Dares to Get Tough with Railways Ministry
South China Morning Post, July 29, 2011
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As China's Prosperity Grows, So Do Its Trash Piles
Christian Science Monitor, July 28, 2011

Food Security

China to Offer Rewards for Food Safety Informers
Reuters, July 28, 2011

Human Rights Defender – Qi Chonghuai (齐崇怀)

China Extends Journalist's Jail Sentence
Agence France-Presse, July 29, 2011
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Imprisoned Journalist Ordered to Serve Eight More Years
Human Rights in China, July 28, 2011


中国将正式实施网络游戏防沉迷系统实名认证 (China to Formally Implement Real-name Registration for Online Games)
Xinhua News Agency, July 29, 2011

Protests and Petitions

成都失地农民伤人案开庭 四百民众法庭外声援 (Chengdu: 400 Landless Villagers Express Solidarity before Court as Villager is Tried for Stabbing a Man during Forced Demolition)
Radio Free Asia, July 28, 2011


Tibetans Gather to Promote Values
Radio Free Asia, July 27, 2011


Details of Alleged Xinjiang 'Terrorist Attack' Still Sketchy
Voice of America, July 27, 2011
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