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Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Access to Justice (司法公正)

福建执行攻坚直播:省委政法委书记督战,356名老赖被拘 (Fujian livestreams arrests, Party secretaries supervise on-site as 356 debt defaulters are nabbed in single day )
The Paper, August, 1, 2018

“结石宝宝”父亲郭利要求雅士利集团赔偿4000万美元 (Parent of tainted powder formula victim sues company for USD 40 million for wrongful conviction)
The Cover, August 1, 2018

董瑶琼父亲探望女儿被公安带走 (Father of ink-splash woman is taken away by police in attempt to to visit daughter in mental hospital)
Radio Free Asia, August, 1, 2018

「潑墨女孩」父親聲明:違不違法,絕不是精神病醫院的事(Statement by father of ink-splash woman)
The Stand News, August, 1, 2018潑墨女孩-父親聲明-違不違法-絕不是精神病醫院的事/

Access to Information (信息公开)

Google plans to launch censored search engine in China, lead documents reveal
The Intercept, August, 1, 2018

媒体:谷歌计划在中国使用"过滤版"搜索发动机 (Google plans to launch version of search engine that filters out phrases such as human rights, democracy, and peaceful demonstration)
Deutsche Welle, August 1, 2018

限韩令解除?韩国公司与央视签约合作 推韩流明星重入中国市场 (Chinese authorities rumored to have lifted “Korea Ban” in entertainment industry)
Eastday, August 1, 2018

Who is allowed to report the news in China?
Sup China, July 31, 2018

Citizen Participation (公民参与)

Chinese officials sacked for blocking elderly woman’s application for disability allowance
South China Morning Post, August 1, 2018

中国制定新法规 严控藏民群体活动 (New regulations tighten control of Tibetan civil organizations)
Voice of America, August 1, 2018

Government Accountability (政府问责)

河北承德市委原副秘书长王瑞林受审 涉受贿1342万 (Former Deputy Secretary of Chengde is tried for accepting bribes of over RMB 13 million)
Jiancha Daily, August 1, 2018

重庆教会遭冲击 广州牧师被罚单 (Chongqing church raided, Guangzhou priest fined for conducting "illegal religious activities")
Radio Free Asia, July 31, 2018

Drug induced torture of believers at the hands of Chinese government
Bitter Winter, July 30, 2018

国务院:加快建设全国一体化在线政务服务平台 2022年实现“一网通办” (State Council urges complete integration of government online service platforms by 2022)
Beijing News, July 31, 2018

爱奇艺CEO:限制综艺节目演员片酬的指导意见已开始执行 (Online video platform starts salary cap on actors, to comply with government request)
The Paper, August, 1, 2018

ICTs and Human Rights (信息技术与人权)

脸书一心想进中国但官方拒发杭州建创新公司执照 (Chinese authorities denies Facebook license to operate in Hangzhou)
Radio France Internationale, August 1, 2018中国/20180731-脸书一心想进中国称杭州建创新公司官方否认发执照

人工智能:中国与美俄角力国际外交舞台的新利器 (AI: China's new weapon in diplomatic contest with US, Russia)
British Broadcasting Corporation, July 31, 2018

Beijing names new Internet watchdog as China keeps door closed to global tech giants
South China Morning Post, August 1, 2018

50元就能让网站瘫痪1小时,浙江景宁批捕3名“黑客” (Three hackers are arrested for providing “Distributed Denial of Service” attacks on websites)
Procuratorial Daily, August, 1, 2018

Hong Kong (香港)

民間代表團往聯合國就消除一切種族歧視進行遊說 (Hong Kong civil society attends UN Hearing on Racial Discrimination), August 1, 2018

【取締民族黨】保安局批准民族黨申述期限延長至9月初 (Security Bureau extends deadline for Hong Kong National Party rebuttal to September 4)
The Stand News, July 31, 2018取締民族黨-保安局批准民族黨申述期限延長至9月初/

深圳佳士工人搞工會遭拘捕 團體聲援斥中共打壓 (Hong Kong civil organizations rally in support of Shenzhen Jasic workers), August 1, 2018

警方今日起全港推行科技攝錄執法試驗計劃 (Police begins pilot program to use video recordings to aid proseuction of traffic offences)
Radio Television Hong Kong, August 1, 2018

Watch out, Hong Kong drivers – cameras will be recording where you pull over, as police step up battle against motorists causing traffic jams
South China Morning Post, July 31, 2018

Commentary (评论)

Will China be the next tech powerhouse? Maybe with the next 20 years of sustained investment
South China Morning Post, August, 1, 2018

China’s victims of sexual harassment denied justice
Human Rights Watch, July 31, 2018

如何量化中国互联网管制的冲击?(How to quantify the impact of China's Internet regulations?)
New York Times, August 1, 2018

长平观察:假疫苗事件与Me Too运动 (Faulty vaccine and MeToo: Rights movement of China’s middle class)
Deutsche Welle, August 1, 2018

微摘大胆教授直言宏观 财政与货币政策全失灵疑批当局政策 (Economist Xu Xiaonian: Chinese fiscal, monetary policies are failing)
Radio France Internationale, August 1, 2018中国/20180731-微摘大胆教授直言宏观-财政与货币政策全失灵疑批当局政策