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Thursday, July 27, 2006

July 27, 2006


Civil Society
广东全面清理社会团体 变相组织公费旅游等列为重点 (Guangdong to “Clean up” Social Organizations that Have Violated Operating Procedures)
Nanfang Daily, July 27, 2006

Death Penalty
迂回三省运毒进京22岁男子被判死缓 (22-year-old Drug Trafficker Sentenced to Death with Two-year Reprieve)
Xinhuanet, July 26, 2006

China, U.S. Cooperate to Train Rural Teachers
People's Daily, July 26, 2006

能耗将成政府核准项目的强制性门槛 (New Projects Will Have to Pass Energy Consumption Requirements)
China Youth Daily, July 27, 2006

国家环保总局:中国饮用水源地环境污染问题突出 (State Environmental Protection Administration Finds Polluted Sources of Drinking Water a Serious Problem), July 27, 2006

中国评论﹕不信群众仅信党﹖ (Commentary: Local Electoral System Reflects Trusts in CPC but Not in Public)
Ming Pao, July 27, 2006

县乡人大选举禁自我宣传 (Electoral Campaigns Ruled Out for China's Local Elections)
Ming Pao, July 27, 2006

两方式选人代 (Two Ways to Elect People's Representatives)
Ming Pao, July 27, 2006

Why Hasn't Development Led to Democracy to China?
Indian eNews, July 26, 2006

Human Rights Defender – Petitioner
Activist Arrested While Seeking Hubei Election Candidates
SCMP, July 27, 2006

Human Rights Defender – Petitioner - Liu Beixing (刘北星)
宜宾县官高调走访被指作秀 维权领袖低调回乡仍受欢迎 (Low-profile Rights Defender Liu Beixing Welcomed in Hometown)
Radio Free Asia, July 26, 2006

肯德基被指规避中国法律 (Kentucky Fried Chicken Accused of Exploiting Legal Loopholes)
Legal Daily, July 27, 2006

中国劳工权益状况美国政府再拒调查 中国表示欢迎 (Beijing Welcomes Washington's Refusal to Investigate China's Labor Conditions)
Radio Free Asia, July 26, 2006

Torture Made a Criminal Offence
SCMP, July 27, 2006

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    最高人民检察院关于渎职侵权犯罪案件立案标准的规定 高检发释字〔20062("Regulation by the Supreme People's Procuratorate on Standards for Prosecuting the Crime of Dereliction of Duty")
    Legal Daily, July 27, 2006

五成贪官缓刑惹关切 (50 Percent of Corrupt Officials Sentenced Given Reprieves)
Wen Wei Po, July 27, 2006

Attacking Japan in Cyberspace
SCMP, July 27, 2006

当年瞒预警 今日禁披露 (Book Revealing Official Cover-up of Tangshan Earthquake Is Banned)
Ming Pao, July 27, 2006

港人导演电视剧被腰斩 (TV Series "Tangshan Earthquake" Banned in Sichuan for Criticizing Official Response to Early Warnings)
Apple Daily, July 27, 2006

敢言网站「世紀中国」被关 (Outspoken Website "Century China" Closed Down)
Ming Pao, July 27, 2006

There's Hope on the Horizon
SCMP, July 27, 2006

Migrant Workers
Legal Aid Procedures for Migrant Workers Simplified
Xinhuanet, July 26, 2006

警察闯省人大是地方权力苏丹化的表现 (Arrest in Provincial People's Congress Reflects State of Lawlessness)
China Youth Daily, July 27, 2006

Protests and Petitions
20港人深圳讨徵地赔款 (20 Hong Kong Citizens Seek Compensation for Land Acquisition in Shenzhen)
Ming Pao, July 27, 2006

Public Health
Insurance Firms Failing to Support Disabled
Xinhuanet, July 26, 2006

Rural Issues
为三无农民提供低保为燃眉之急 (Pressing Need to Provide Destitute Farmers with Minimum Social Security Benefits)
Radio Free Asia, July 26, 2006

China Accuses Dalai Lama of Links to CIA; Beijing Rejects Tibetan Spiritual Leader’s Overtures
Reuters (via, July 27, 2006