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Thursday, October 21, 2004

DAILY NEWS BRIEF FOR October 21, 2004

Top news of the day

Labour – union

Kodak snaps back at claims it is dodging labour laws
SCMP, October 21,2004

Challenges of the functioning of labour unions
Legal Daily, October 21, 2004

Protests and petitions
Rioters burn and loot in west China demonstration
Reuters, October 20, 2004

Police cars torched as 10,000 riot
SCMP, October 21, 2004

Chongqing government ropes off a public square at the front of government building as riots continue
多维追击:重庆暴乱事件余波未了, October 21, 2004

Chongqing riots settled
WenWeiPo, October 21, 2004



China ranked 71 in the latest Global Corruption Report
特稿:国际廉洁榜新发布中国名列71位, October 20, 2004

China drafts law to promote green energy
Reuters, October 21, 2004

June 4th / Human rights
Human rights entitled to all, not only the powerless people, but also the (once) powerful leaders
林保华:人权不分尊卑,一骗难泯恩仇, October 20, 2004

Human rights
Yang Jianli case and EU arms ban to China
行易:杨建利事件与欧盟“军售禁令”, October 20, 2004

Labour – Industrial accidents
China mine blast kills at least 56, 100 missing
Reuters, October 21, 2004

State Council sends task force to Henan coal mine blast site
People’s Daily, October 21, 2004

Legislation is an act of compromising
Legal Daily, October 21, 2004

Eyes on law and media
Legal Daily, October 21, 2004

FBI trains police in anti-terrorism tactics
SCMP, October 21, 2004

Protests and petitions
The future of non-violent protests in China
何清涟:非暴力抗争在中国的前途, October 21, 2004

Public health
Guangzhou reduce delivery fee for poverty-stricken mothers
Yahoo News, October 21, 2004

Public health – HIV aids
Crackdown nets 23 blood dealers
SCMP, October 21, 2004

Government adopts tough measures on illegal collection of blood
严打“血头” 中国整治非法采供血液和单采血浆, October 20, 2004\

Ministry of Health reveals top 10 cases of gross abuse of illegal blood collection
中国卫生部公布十大非法采供血案查处情况(案情), October 20, 2004

Sichuan revises urban housing clearance regulations emphasizing “humane clearance and resettlement”
四川省修订拆迁条例 人性化拆迁将取代霸王拆迁, October 21, 2004

Rural issues – labour and employment market
Farmers trained they seek jobs in Shandong
ChinaDaily, October 21, 2004

Rural issues – taxes
Tax burden of Chinese farmers reduced by 30%
中国农民普遍“减负”超三成 农村分配秩序好转, October 21, 2004

Beijing discards agricultural taxes to ease farmers’ burden
北京全部取消面向农民的各项税费 减轻农民负担, October 20, 2004

Social security
Aging issue cries out for solutions
ChinaDaily, October 21, 2004

India says to Chinese Foreign Minister that Dalai can’t carry out political activities in India
唐家璇访印度:印称不允许达赖在印进行政治活动, October 21, 2004

Tibetan Envoy Says Talks with China Were Helpful
Radio Free Asia, October 20, 2004

China conducts anti-hijacking drill in Xinjiang
ChinaDaily, October 21, 2004