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Friday, August 19, 2005

August 19, 2005

Top news of the day

Detention – Sun Xiaodi (孫小弟)
Activist Disappears after Reporting Nuclear Contamination
Human Rights In China Press Release, 19/08/2005
Sun Xiaodi (孫小弟), an mine worker of Gansu No.792 Uranium Mine who had petitioned to the Beijing government over radiation poisoning in the working area, was reportedly taken away by public security police on April 28 and gone missing for 110 days. According to a friend of Sun, police accused Sun of engaging in a "very serious crime related to state secrets", as he had spoken to an AFP journalist.


Border Regions - Xinjiang
China bans branch of Islam in Xinjiang and arrests 179
AFX News, 19/08/2005

China holds US citizen accused of spying for Taiwan
Reuters, 19/08/2005

China arrests investor leader
Washington Post, 19/08/2005

Education / Law
NPC deputies propose more education funding in a seminar on the revision of free education law 全国人大《义务教育法》修订座谈会聚焦教育经费投入机制--做大蛋糕并先切给义务教育
China Youth Daily, 19/08/2005

Three main concerns about the free education system: lack of government funding, right to access to education of migrant worker's children, expensive textbooks
拟解决三大问题: 义务教育经费 保障进城务工子女就学 教科书过厚过于豪华, 19/08/2005

Gender - Domestic violence
Forum focuses on harmonious family
China Daily, 19/08/2005

Gender / Rural Issues - Credit/loans
Happiness Project helps needy rural mothers, 19/08/2005

Gender - Discrimination / Law
The scope of sexual harassment should be clearly defined in law
Legal Daily, 19/08/2005

Labor - Work safety / conditions
We're exploited, claim workers at Disney suppliers
SCMP, 19/08/2005

Disney probes China 'sweatshop' claims
Times Online, 19/08/2005,,9071-1742027,00.html

Law – legal rights
Different views over taking suspects to the streets for shaming and deterrence purposes
嫌犯“游街”:有人喝彩 有人质疑
Nanfang Weekend, 18/08/2005

Media - Press freedom/censorship / Politics
High-profile journalists resign over direction of top paper
SCMP, 19/08/2005

Newspaper kills plan to link pay with praise
SCMP, 19/08/2005

The saga of China Youth Daily's appraisal scheme put Hu Jintao to a test
VOA via, 18/08/2005

Media - Internet
14 Ministries and Commissions join forces to "clean up" web space
Nanfang Weekend, 18/08/2005

China Tightens Grip on Cyberspace
Radio Free Asia, 18/08/2005

Korea, China, Japan Agree to Tackle Internet Troubles
The Korea Times, 19/08/2005

China tries to wipe Internet icon from Web
Reuters, 19/08/2005

Police / State Security - Terrorism
Special police units to counter protests and terrorism threats
SCMP, 19/08/2005

Poverty / Government - Governance and accountability
Doubtful statistics on poverty population hinder consistency of national poverty alleviation strategy
中国贫困人口知多少 统计差异使扶贫战略不确定, 18/08/2005

Protests and petitions
Public Security to implement "three-level hearing" process for protests and petitions
Legal Daily, 19/08/2005

New standing procedures for handling petitions institutionalize police chief's obligation to meet
首部《公安机关信访工作规定》颁布实施,公安机关一把手接访将成为制度, 19/08/2005

Four Henan peasants punished for setting themselves on fire in Tiananmen Square to protest over medical negligence
河南四农民天安门自焚被判刑, 19/08/2005

Public Health - Disability
More services to be provided for 60 mln handicapped, 19/08/2005

Public Health
The root problems of health care reform
Nanfang Weekend, 18/08/2005

Hundreds fall ill from north China swimming pool
Reuters, 19/08/2005

Public Health / Protests and Petitions
China's problematic health care system: patients complaints accelerate, yet some tend to let out their grievances by violence
Asia Times Online, 18/08/2005

Reforms - Corruption
Opinion: Corruption has to stay capital crime
China Daily, 19/08/2005

Religion - Christianity
China Reportedly Arrests Five American Church Leaders, Tortures Christians
Voice of America, 18/08/2005

Beijing and the Vatican edge closer
International Herald Tribune, 18/08/2005

Resettlement / Population - Urbanization
How to compensate the landless peasants in light of rapid urbanization in China?
People's Daily, 19/08/2005

Helping centers built for urban homeless, 19/08/2005

China works to ensure drug safety in rural areas, 19/08/2005