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Friday, December 30, 2005

December 30, 2005

Top News of the Day

Media - Press Freedom/Censorship
特稿:新京报总编被撤,两千多员工罢工 (Feature Story: Beijing News Staff Goes on Strike over Editors’ Dismissal), December 29, 2005
Over 2,000 reporters and staff of the Beijing News, an outspoken and liberal newspaper, reportedly went on strike yesterday in protest against the dismissal of Chief Editor Yang Bin and two assistant editors. The dismissals were allegedly ordered by Party authorities to ensure that the newspaper takes a more conservative stance and that no 'political mistakes' will be made in the future.

Related news:
中宣部着眼「政治安全」下令改组新京报 (CPC Orders a Reshuffle of the Beijing News' Editorial Team to Ensure 'Political Security')
Ming Pao via, December 29, 2005


Death Penalty
河北最大集资诈骗案审结 被告人曹海林判死刑 (Hebei Woman Sentenced to Death in that Province’s Largest Ever Fraud Case) (China), December 30, 2005

Detention – Zheng Yichun (郑贻春)
人权组织要求中国释放网上作家 (Rights Group Urges Immediate Release of Jailed Dissident Writer After Zheng’s Appeal to Liaoning Higher Court Is Rejected)
Voice of America, December 29, 2005

Education / Labor
Unemployment Rate of Well-educated People on Rise, December 30, 2005

Food Security
China Still Faces Grain Shortage, December 30, 2005

Media - Press Freedom/Censorship
Academic's Article is Pulled after Plagiarism Accusation
SCMP, December 30, 2005

Foreign Journalists Promised Easier Times
SCMP, December 30, 2005

香港媒体评论:中国打压传媒有损国家形象 (Hong Kong Media: Suppression of Media Freedom Would Harm China's International Image)
Ming Pao via, December 29, 2005

Media – Internet / Law
Rules Issued to Ensure Internet Safety, December 30, 2005

Olympics/ Government
Beijing's New Party Line: China Officials Train Crowds tTo Be More Polite, Orderly aAs 2008 Olympics Approach
The Wall Street Journal, December 27, 2005

Population - One-child Policy
Family Planning Policy Becomes Controversial Topic, December 30, 2005

Public Health / UN
WHO says China Still not Sharing Bird Flu Samples
Reuters via, December 30, 2005

Rural Issues / Government
中央农村工作会议全面部署农业农村工作 六管齐下推进新农村 (CPC’s Rural Work Conference: Six Major Measures Adopted to Speed Up Rural Development)
Nanfang Daily, December 30, 2005

Farmers Win Pledge of More Investment
SCMP, December 30, 2005

Social Security
低保是法定权利而不是恩惠 (Subsidy to Low-Income Residents is a Right, not Charity)
China Youth Daily, December 30, 2005