The HRIC Daily Brief is a daily selection of news stories and commentary related to human rights in China, drawn from Chinese- and English-language news and online media sources that we monitor daily. In addition to headlines and source links, HRIC also provides English translation of Chinese headlines.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Hong Kong

Placard-waving Protester Alleges Arrest Injuries
South China Morning Post, January 04, 2012


China Presses Ahead with Wage Increases
Financial Times, January 04, 2012


China Cuts Entertainment on TV
British Broadcasting Corporation, January 03, 2012


在押少年被要求进校园现身说“法” (Shaanxi: Juvenile Delinquents Made to Give Talks in Schools on the Law)
Southern Metropolis Daily, January 04, 2012


卫生部出台禁令:防止领导干部私利与公利冲突 (Ministry of Health Issues Regulations to Prevent Conflict of Interest in the Health System)
Xinhua News Agency, January 04, 2012

Protests and Petitions

三访民元旦当日天安门前自杀未遂 (Police Detain Petitioners Who Attempt Suicide in Tian'anmen on New Year’s Day)
Radio Free Asia, January 03, 2012

广东逾千村民拦路抗议贪腐村官 二十人被防暴公安殴打及拘留 (1K+ Guangdong Villagers Block Traffic to Protest Corruption, Some Beaten, Detained)
Radio Free Asia, January 03, 2012

Public Health

Nobody Cares for Carer's Job
China Daily, January 04, 2012