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Tuesday, August 30, 2022

China's Reach (中国:内控与外扩)

The Censorship Machine Erasing China’s Feminist Movement
The New Yorker, August 29, 2022

Chinese censors hail country’s ‘internet civilisation’ as Beijing secures its grip on online content controls and information flows
South China Morning Post, August 29, 2022

Human Rights Defenders & Civil Society (人权捍卫者与公民社会)

Chinese thinktank makes rare public call for Beijing to ease zero-Covid policy
Associated Press, August 30, 2022

Dissenting voices speak out against ongoing zero-COVID restrictions in China
Radio Free Asia, August 29, 2022

强迫失踪受害者国际日: 民间社会呼吁结束中国的强迫失踪(International Day of Victims of Enforced Disappearance: Civil society groups call for ending enforced disappearances in China)
NGOCN, August 30, 2022

Civil society call to end enforced disappearances in China
Frontline Defendersz, August 30, 2022

Hong Kong court orders search of media tycoon Jimmy Lai's phones
Agence France-Presse, August 30, 2022

Newly disclosed information in national security case ‘99% redacted,’ Hong Kong Tiananmen vigil group ex-leader says
Hong Kong Free Press, August 29, 2022

Appeal judge says Hong Kong journalist convicted over using vehicle registry details for report may have made ‘honest mistake’
South China Morning Post, August 29, 2022

Law & Policy (法律与政策)

两高一部明确:信息网络犯罪案件中,电子数据可作为证据使用(Supreme People's Court, Supreme People's Procuratorate, and Ministry of Public Security confirm: Electronic data can be used as evidence in information network crime cases)
Initium Media, August 30, 2022

最高人民法院 最高人民检察院 公安部关于办理信息网络犯罪案件适用刑事诉讼程序若干问题的意见(Opinions of the Supreme People's Court, the Supreme People's Procuratorate, and the Ministry of Public Security on Several Issues Concerning the Application of Criminal Procedures in Handling Information Network Crime Cases)
The Supreme People's Court of the People's Republic of China, August 30, 2022

反电诈立法新进展:从事电信网络诈骗活动或将记入信用记录(New progress in anti-telephone fraud legislation: Engaging in telecommunication network fraud activities may be entered in credit records)
China News, August 30, 2022

Current Topics (热门话题)

China’s strict zero-Covid measures take a large-scale toll on youth mental health
Reuters, August 30, 2022

China Charges 28 People, Months After Brutal Beating of Women

The New York Times, August 30, 2022

李家超北上前夕 微博網民洗板狠批疫情失控:能別害深圳嗎?(On eve of John Lee’s trip to mainland, Weibo netizens slam him for letting COVID-19 in Hong Kong get out of control, ask if he can stop harming Shenzhen), August 30, 2022

Commentary & Analysis (评论与分析)

Chinese historians’ review of past isolationist policy goes viral, reflecting unease over closed borders, lockdowns, crackdowns
South China Morning Post, August 30, 2022

反修例運動示威者,分拆至不同法官,造成的刑期差異是否有違「一致原則」?(Anti-ELAB protesters are assigned to different judges. Does the difference in sentences violate the "principle of unanimity"?)
Initium Media, August 29, 2022