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Monday, August 02, 2010

August 01, 2010

Bilateral Ties

Germany Praises China during Human Rights Talks
Deutsche Welle, July 29, 2010,,5846976,00.html

摄影师334秒记录大连清污消防员牺牲过程 (Photographer Documents How Fireman Die from Cleaning Oil Spill in Dalian )
Du Shi Kuai Bao, August 01, 2010

Human Rights Defenders
中国学者公开信:释放维族记者 (Chinese Intelligentsia Call for Release of Uyghur Journalist Gheyret Niyaz)
British Broadcasting Corporation, July 31, 2010
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释放维吾尔记者海莱特·尼亚孜的呼吁书 (Appeal for the Release of Uyghur Journalist Gheyret Niyaz)
Wave of Strikes Bring Chinese Workers a Step Nearer New Rights
The Guardian, August 02, 2010

南京爆炸 民眾怒斥「拆遷市長」 不滿大搞政績工程 要求嚴格問責 (Nanjing Citizens Demand Responsibility Be Taken for Factory Blast)
Ming Pao, August 02, 2010

网游实名制首日难"实名":胡乱找个号码就能通过 (Real-name Registration System Easy to Circumvent Using Random Numbers)
Guangzhou Daily, August 02, 2010
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Online Gaming Law Set to Take Effect in China
CNN, August 01, 2010

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网络游戏管理暂行办法 (Provisional Measures on the Administration of Internet Games)
Ministry of Culture, June 3, 2010
China Stresses to Protect Journalists' Rights
China Daily, August 02, 2010

Protests and Petitions
Hong Kong People Rally to Save Cantonese Language
Agence France-Presse, August 02, 2010

穗撐粵語升溫逾千公安圍趕 3000民眾集會 7記者被拘 (Guangzhou: 1K+ Police Surround Pro-Cantonese Rally of 3K; 7 Journalists Detained)
Ming Pao, August 02, 2010
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Pro-Cantonese Protesters Scuffle with China Police
Reuters, August 02, 2010
东莞300名员工聚集抗议韩籍管理人员打人 (Dongguan: 300 Workers Protest Violence from Korean Management)
Guangzhou Daily, August 01, 2010

东莞工人讨薪被黑衣人打 信访办主任称“活该” (Dongguan Petition Bureau Chief Shows No Sympathy for Beaten Workers)
Southern Metropolis Daily, July 29, 2010

西藏全面建立远程网吧监管系统 (Tibet to Build Remote Internet Cafe Monitoring System)
Radio Free Asia, July 30, 2010

More Uyghur Homes Demolished
Radio Free Asia, August 02, 2010