Friday, June 04, 2010

June 04, 2010

Top news
June Fourth
China Police Muted at Tiananmen Square
Agence France-Presse, June 04, 2010
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「翻牆」尋真相 滬生來港悼念 (Shanghai Student Searches for Truth By Circumventing Internet Censorship, Comes to HK Venerating June 4)
Ming Pao, June 04, 2010

海外民运人士纪念六四事件21周年 (Overseas Activists Commemorate 21st Anniversary of June Fourth)
British Broadcasting Corporation, June 04, 2010
Ex-China Leader Was 'Ready to Die' over Tiananmen: Report
Agence France-Presse, June 04, 2010
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Li Peng's June 4 Crackdown Diary Revelations
South China Morning Post, June 04, 2010
Taiwan Leader Urges China to Tolerate Dissidents
Agence France-Presse, June 04, 2010
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總統發表「六四」感言 (President Ma Ying-jeou Issues a Statement on His Thoughts on June Fourth)
Office of the President, Republic of China (Taiwan), June 04, 2010

Unofficial English translation:
Ma Ying-jeou's "Thoughts on June Fourth"
Siweiluozi, June 04, 2010
Bilateral Ties
China Drills Deeper into Latin America
Asia Times Online, June 04, 2010

Senior Guangdong Judge Gets Life Sentence for Corruption
South China Morning Post, June 03, 2010

国务院提户籍改革新思路 户口承载福利分步获得 (State Council Proposes New Thinking on Household Registration Reforms: Granting Social Benefits Gradually)
China Youth Daily, June 04, 2010

Human Rights Defender – Liu Zhengyou (刘正有)
维权人士刘正有抗议迫害绝食多日 (Rights Activist Liu Zhengyou Stages Hunger Strike for Several Days)
Radio Free Asia, June 03, 2010

Human Rights Defenders
Beijing Controls Activists ahead of Anniversary of 1989 Crackdown
Deutsche Presse Agentur, June 03, 2010

Land Policy
唐家岭装监控增加安保 或防村民"讨说法" (New Surveillance System in Beijing Village in Process of Resettlement, Villagers Seek Explanation)
Beijing News, June 04, 2010

In Leaked Lecture, Details of China’s News Cleanups
New York Times, June 03, 2010

Suddenly, Porn Surfing on Mainland Is Free for All
South China Morning Post, June 04, 2010
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Porn Is Back Online in China -- for Now
CNN GO, June 2, 2010
China Issues Revised Regulations on PLA Discipline
Xinhua News Agency, June 03, 2010
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军委主席胡锦涛签署命令 解放军三大条令修订发布 (Central Military Commission Chairman Hu Jintao Signs Three Revised Directives on PLA)
People's Daily, June 04, 2010
Protests and Petitions
异见人士和访民备受打压 两百访民聚南站声援 (200 Petitioners Gather at Beijing South Station Showing Support for Beaten Elderly Petitioner)
Radio Free Asia, June 03, 2010

Lawyers Call on Taiwan to Push China
Taipei Times, June 04, 2010