Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Children (儿童)

Eight primary school pupils stabbed in China, says report
Agence France-Presse, May 20, 2014

Counterterrorism (反恐)

China concerned about suspected Boko Haram attack on workers in Cameroon
Reuters, May 20, 2014

Cyber security (网络安全)

China bans Microsoft Windows 8 on government computers
British Broadcasting Corporation, May 20, 2014

Environment (环境)

环保部:工业企业搬迁 土壤需“消毒” (Ministry of Environmental Protection orders factories and enterprises to tackle pollution when they close down, move or undergo redevelopment)
Beijing News, May 21, 2014

International Relations (Security, Trade and Investment), 国际关系(安全,贸易和投资)

China reinvigorates regional clubs to counter US power
Financial Times, May 20, 2014

China's Xi issues veiled warning to Asia over military alliances
Reuters, May 21, 2014

Vietnam asks world to condemn China for sea action
Associated Press, May 21, 2014

June Fourth (六四)

六四前访胡平:中国专制挑战民主价值观 (Hu Ping: China's authoritarianism challenges democratic values)
Voice of America, May 20, 2014

Victims' families held, watched ahead of Tiananmen anniversary
Radio Free Asia, May 21, 2014

Open Government Information (信息公开)

广东教师申请信息公开不获答复 提行政诉讼 (Guangdong teacher brings gov't to court for ignoring his requests for disclosure of information on family planning policy and education)
Radio Free Asia, May 20, 2014

Protests and Petitions (抗议和请愿)

云南镇雄县警察击毙一名上访者 (Petitioner shot dead by police in Yunnan)
Radio Free Asia, May 20, 2014

XUAR (新疆维吾尔自治区)

China jails 39 in restive Xinjiang: state media
Agence France-Presse, May 21, 2014

Opinion (观点)

Taiwan can play peacemaker in South China Sea disputes
South China Morning Post, May 21, 2014

China’s pollution challenge
The New York Times, May 21, 2014

垃圾焚烧的中国难题 (China faces challenges in trash incineration)
The New York Times, May 21, 2014

Cyber security (网络安全)

中国对美国起诉黑客做出强烈回应 (China angered by US espionage charges against Chinese army personnel)
British Broadcasting Corporation, May 19, 2014

China denies U.S. cyberspying charges, claims it is the real “victim”
The Washington Post, May 20, 2014

Education (教育)

Is English necessary? China debates whether college exams should bother
The Wall Street Journal, May 20, 2014

Environment (环境)

657个城市300多个喊“渴” 节水城市建设需加速跑 (300 out of 657 Chinese cities face severe water shortages)
Xinhua, May 17, 2014

Human Rights Defenders (人权卫士)

武汉多人听佛法被控“煽动颠覆” 刑拘 法师也未幸免 (Activists, including Buddhist monk, criminally detained in Wuhan on suspicion of “inciting subversion”)
Radio Free Asia, May 19, 2014

Chinese activist “disappeared” ahead of Tiananmen anniversary
Radio Free Asia, May 19, 2014

China's rights lawyers willing to pay for progress
South China Morning post, May 20, 2014

推动公民不合作的唐荆陵律师被广州国保刑拘 (Citizen activist and lawyer Tang Jingling detained by Guangzhou authorities)
China Free Press, May 16, 2014

Two more rights lawyers criminally detained, another’s home searched
China Change, May 18, 2014