Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Hong Kong (香港)

”Strictly enforce law,” Beijing legislative chief tells Hong Kong's police, fire, immigration and prison chiefs during high-profile visit
South China Morning Post, October 10, 2015

Johannes Chan's appointment never discussed with HKU chief, says Hong Kong chief executive CY Leung
South China Morning Post, October 10, 2015

HKU students, alumni and teachers protest over academic freedom as anger mounts
Hong Kong Free Press, October 9, 2015

學聯聯同8院校推公投廢特首校監必然制 (HKFS together with 8 education institutions to bring referendum to scrap automatic appointment of Chief Executive as University Chancellor)
Mingpao, October 11, 2015

Joshua Wong seeks lower age limit for Hong Kong candidates
New York Times, October 12, 2015

黃之鋒申覆核參選年齡 譚耀宗:18歲心智未成熟 應等有工作經驗才選 (Joshua Wong applies for judicial review to lower minimum age for LegCo candidates, Pro-Beijing lawmaker Tam Yiuchung: Age 18 is not mature enough, candidates should have work experience first)
Mingpao, October 13, 2015

【7警涉打人】最快今周可提檢控 梁家傑:公義遲到好過無到 (7 policemen suspected of beating Umbrella Movement protestor to be prosecuted within the week, Civic Party leader Alan Leong: Justice better late than never)
Mingpao, October 13, 2015