Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Hong Kong (香港)

China's wall of silence over missing Hong Kong booksellers
The Telegraph, January 11, 2016

李波「强迫失踪」事态国际化英美港人示威 (Lee Bo’s “forcible disappearance” internationalized, Hongkongers residing in Britain and U.S. march in protest)
Radio France Internationale, January 11, 2016中国/20160111-李波「强迫失踪」事态国际化英美港人示威

Missing bookseller’s wife’s column in pro-Beijing newspaper suspended
Hong Kong Free Press, January 11, 2016

律政司:港不容非法拘捕 首席大法官:无人可凌驾法律 (Department of Justice: Hong Kong does not allow illegal arrest; Chief Justice: No one is above the law)
South China Morning Post, January 12, 2016

“One Country Two Systems” under threat says former Chief Secretary
Hong Kong Free Press, January 11, 2016

Hong Kong “Umbrella Soldiers” visit boisterous Taiwan to see democracy at work
Reuters, January 11, 2016