Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Hong Kong (香港)

Leung’s Policy Address: 48 Kowtows to Beijing whilst ignoring Hongkongers
Hong Kong Free Press, January 18, 2016

失踪香港书店老板惊现央视 北京被指欲盖弥彰 (Missing HK bookshop owner suddenly appears on CCTV, Beijing is criticized as “the one who excuses himself accuses himself”)
Radio France Internationale, January 18, 2016

Missing Hong Kong publisher Gui Minhai paraded on China TV
British Broadcasting Corporation, January 18, 2016

Daughter of Hong Kong bookseller dismisses China state TV “confession”
The Guardian, January 18, 2016

Causeway Bay bookseller’s changing undershirt prompts questions online about his appearance on state television
South China Morning Post, January 18, 2016

Seven banned books: Published in Hong Kong, censored in China
Hong Kong Free Press, January 17, 2016

Chinese police confirm missing bookseller Lee Bo is in mainland, 17 days after HK enquiry
Hong Kong Free Press, January 19, 2016

【書店5人失蹤】程翔:李波離境方式違一國兩制 指家書必經審校排演 (Journalist Ching Cheong on disappearance of 5 booksellers: Circumstances of Lee Bo crossing the border violates One Country Two Systems, his letter home must have been edited and practiced)
Mingpao, January 19, 2016

Taiwan elections “unlikely to affect Hong Kong-mainland relations”
South China Morning Post, January 16, 2016