Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Hong Kong (香港)

China accounts for two missing booksellers amid calls for further probes in Hong Kong
Radio Free Asia, January 19, 2016

失踪逾3月泰国声称在查桂民海为何无出境纪录 (Gui Minhai missing for over 3 months, Thai authorities claim they are investigating why there is no record of him leaving the country)
Radio France Internationale, January 20, 2016中国/20160120-失踪逾3月泰国声称在查桂民海为何无出境纪录

Hong Kong politicians urge mainland Chinese authorities to “stop keeping everyone in dark” about missing Causeway Bay booksellers
South China Morning Post, January 19, 2016

EU, UK, Sweden urge China to disclose information about Hong Kong missing publishers
Hong Kong Free Press, January 20, 2016

HKU students to boycott class to demand reform of Council’s structure
Hong Kong Free Press, January 19, 2016