Thursday, January 07, 2016

Hong Kong (香港)

Missing Hong Kong bookseller Lee Bo’s British passport counts for little as China reasserts sovereignty
South China Morning Post, January 7, 2016

Britain says suspected abduction of bookseller would be “egregious breach” by China
The Guardian, January 6, 2016

【賣禁書被失蹤】無綫引「嫖妓論」消息 通訊局收4千投訴 ([Disappearance for selling banned books] Communications Authority receives 4000 complaints about TVB report quoting lawmaker Ng Leung-sing that the booksellers “crossed the border to seek prostitutes”)
Apple Daily, January 6, 2016

港台多個時政節目停播 主持邵家臻:被封咪與政治有關 (Program host Mr. Siu says several RTHK political affairs programs were taken off air because of political reasons)
Apple Daily, January 6, 2016

港人失信心 觸發BNO續領潮 (Hong Kong people’s loss of confidence touches off wave of “British National Overseas” visa renewals)
Apple Daily, January 7, 2016

Street art urges Hong Kongers not to turn a blind eye to missing booksellers
Global Voices, January 7, 2016