Thursday, February 25, 2016

Access to Information (信息公开)

证监会回应熔断信息公开申请, 称信息在交易所 (CSRC’s response to OGI request on circuit breaker: information is held by stock exchanges)
Caixin, February 24, 2016

指数熔断机制 (The circuit breaker mechanism)
China Securities Regulatory Commission, December 29, 2015

北京律所申请公开熔断规定发布前征求的意见 (Beijing law firm seeks disclosure of opinions received before launch of circuit breaker mechanism)
Caixin, January 7, 2016

对政府信息公开要重视实证研究 (Empirical research is key for open government information)
Procuratorate Daily, February 23, 2016

政务公开不应止于信息公开 (Making public the work of government does not stop at open government information)
People’s Daily, February 23, 2016

Chinese president continues to expand media controls
Voice of America, February 24, 2016

中国走红同性恋题材网络剧被迫下架 (Famed Chinese online gay drama pulled from Internet)
British Broadcasting Corporation, February 24, 2016