Thursday, February 04, 2016

Access to Information (信息公开)

“Censors have gone too far”: Influential voice of Deng Xiaoping era accuses China’s propaganda chiefs of too much intervention
South China Morning Post, February 3, 2016

中国四川炉霍县强制收缴达赖喇嘛画像 (Portraits of Dalai Lama confiscated in China’s Luhuo County, Sichuan)
Radio France Internationale, February 3, 2016中国/20160203-中国四川炉霍县强制收缴达赖喇嘛画像

中国官媒推出政治口号歌《四个全面》 被讽“洗脑神曲” (Chinese state media launches political slogan song “The Four Comprehensives,” ridiculed as “the divine brainwashing song”)
Radio Free Asia, February 3, 2016