Thursday, February 11, 2016

Hong Kong (香港)

Hong Kong clashes: Protesters in court charged with rioting
British Broadcasting Corporation, February 11, 2016

港警首次以「暴动罪」控示威者 显续强硬对港人 (Hong Kong police first charges protestors with “rioting”, showing pursuit of hardline against Hong Kong people)
Radio France Internationale, February 10, 2016中国/20160210-港警首次以「暴动罪」控示威者-显续强硬对港人

Video: In full—the dramatic “Fishball Revolution” clashes as they unfolded
Hong Kong Free Press, February 10, 2016

【旺角暴力衝突】學聯:政權是「暴力始作俑者」 站在對抗暴政一方 (Federation of Students on Mongkok violent clashes: The regime is the initiator of violence, we stand on the side protesting the tyranny)
Ming Pao, February 11, 2016

【旺角暴力衝突】多名被告投訴警使用不必要武力 招認不合程序 (Several defendants in Mongkok violent clashes complain about police’s abuse of force and improper measures for seeking confessions)
Ming Pao, February 11, 2016

Hong Kong journalist claims police attacked him while he reported on Mong Kok riot
South China Morning Post, February 10, 2016

致警務處處長的公開信:促警方刑事調查警員打記者 (Ming Pao Staff Association’s open letter to head of police: We urge the police to carry out criminal investigation about police violence against journalist)
InMedia HK, February 11, 2016

中大崇基學院神學院要求警方立即釋放林淳軒同學 (CUHK Chung Chi College calls on police to immediately release student Lam Shun Hin)
InMedia HK, February 11, 2016

What are Hong Kong's localists angry about?
British Boardcasting Corporation, February 11, 2016