Friday, March 25, 2016

Access to Justice (司法公正)

China “detained 20 over Xi resignation letter”
British Broadcasting Corporation, March 25, 2016

China cracks down on Xi Jinping critics after call for resignation
The Financial Times, March 25, 2016

China: Prominent blogger’s family detained over letter lambasting President Xi
Amnesty International, March 25, 2016

Mingjing: The people behind the open letter attack on Xi Jinping
公开信关联图: 张春贤蒋建国刘乐飞王波明
Chinascope (English), March 25, 2016
Mingjing (Chinese), March 20, 2016

乌市法院推行裁判文书繁简分流改革, 裁判文书“瘦身”当事人能看懂 (Urumqi courts implement “simplification reforms” for court decisions, “downsizing” court decisions will enable parties to understand them)
Legal Daily, March 25, 2016

三年间长春基层法院审结强制医疗案22件 (Changchun's lowest-level courts tried 22 compulsory medical treatment cases in 3 years)
China Jilin Online, March 24, 2016