Thursday, May 12, 2016

Access to Justice (司法公正)

China cracks down on human rights lawyers challenging the system
Australian Broadcasting Corporation, May 11, 2016

李和平案“连坐”涉及妻女 王俏岭办暂住证受阻 (Li Heping’s wife and daughter suffer collective punishment—Wang Qiaoling fails to get temporary residence permit)
Radio Free Asia, May 11, 2016

Mass Crackdown on Chinese Lawyers and Defenders
Human Rights in China, February 5, 2016

新疆一维族男子因看“敏感”电影被判七年 (Xinjiang Uyghur sentenced to 7 years for watching “sensitive” film)
Voice of America, May 11, 2016

【川震8周年】樂見一線希望 譚作人透露民事訴訟首獲法院接受待審批 ([Sichuan earthquake 8th anniversary] Tan Zuoren glad to see a gleam of hope as first civil action accepted by court)
Ming Pao, May 12, 2016

中国国有企业利用“主权豁免权”免于法律诉讼 (Chinese state owned enterprises use “sovereign immunity” to be exempted from lawsuits)
Voice of America, May 12, 2016