Thursday, May 05, 2016

Hong Kong (香港)

學聯就中大校董會主席委任一事之聲明 (Statement by Federation of Students regarding the appointment of CUHK Council chairperson)
InMedia HK, May 5, 2016

人大委员长张德江访港前 香港多个团体准备示威抗议 (Several groups protest before chairman of NPC Standing Committee Zhang Dejiang visits)
Radio Free Asia, May 4, 2016

任建峰指港獨言論不足入罪 批建制派「講到好大」以政治凌駕法律 (Lawyer Kevin Yam: Discussions on Hong Kong’s independence are insufficient to incriminate, pro-establishment camp exaggerates its gravity placing politics above law)
Ming Pao, May 5, 2016

多名法律界人士等發表反港獨宣言 促律政司長檢控香港民族黨發起人 (Several legal field personages issue anti-Hong Kong independence declaration, urging Secretary of Justice to charge organizer of Hong Kong National Party)
Ming Pao, May 4, 2016