Monday, May 30, 2016

Opinion and Editorial (观点和社论)

【六四電影】《天安門》重遇記——給電影學院同學的一封信(文:家明) ([June Fourth film] Seeing “Tiananmen” again—a letter to film school students)
Ming Pao, May 29, 2016

「六四」之於一名九十後 (June Fourth to a post-90s)
InMedia HK, May 29, 2016

我與八九民運的生命經驗 (Me and my life experience of 1989 democratic movement)
InMedia HK, May 30, 2016

【文革五十年】追溯文革的思想源頭(文:黃東) ([50th anniversary of Cultural Revolution] Tracing the ideological origins of the Cultural Revolution)
Ming Pao, May 28, 2016