Monday, June 06, 2016

Government Accountability (政府问责)

依法惩治“蝇贪”力推“绿色 精准预防”, 浙江两年查近400件扶贫职务案 (Forcefully promote “targeted prevention” techniques to lawfully punish “fly-sized” corrupt officials: Zhejiang investigates nearly 400 cases of embezzlement involving poverty assistance)
Legal Daily, May 24, 2016

多关押5年半,为何不给国家赔偿? (Man was sentenced to 1 year but imprisoned for 6.5, so why no state compensation?)
Legal Daily, June 1, 2016

死刑改判1年徒刑,当事人理应获得国家赔偿 (Youth’s death sentence changed to 1-year term after serving 6.5 years should get state compensation)
Today's Topics, June 2, 2016

海南检方抗诉诈骗案获改判 (After protest, Hainan Procuratorate gets not-guilty verdict in fraud case changed to 10-year prison term)
Legal Daily, June 1, 2016

六四27周年天安门母亲祭奠亲人向政府提出的三项诉求不变 (On 27th anniversary of June Fourth the Tiananmen Mothers’ three demands to the government remain the same)
Radio Free Asia, June 4, 2016

Tiananmen Mothers: No amount of power can rub out June Fourth
Human Rights in China, June 1, 2016

焦点对话:六四事件,无尽的余波与后果 (Focus Dialogue: June Fourth incident, the endless repercussions and consequences)
Voice of America, June 3, 2016

On 27th anniversary, relatives to visit graves of Tiananmen dead
Radio Free Asia, June 3, 2016

June Fourth: Support the Call for Truth, Accountability, and Compensation
Human Rights in China, June 3, 2016

China’s youth think Tiananmen was so 1989
Foreign Policy, June 3, 2016