Monday, June 13, 2016

Hong Kong (香港)

Student unions in Hong Kong snub offer to host seminars about June 4 Tiananmen Square crackdown
South China Morning Post, June 13, 2016

Postmortems: two Hong Kong groups to release studies on 2014 Occupy protests
South China Morning Post, June 13, 2016

“Was this necessary?” Ex-Taiwanese president Ma Ying-jeou responds to Hong Kong visit ban
Hong Kong Free Press, June 13, 2016

【Lancôme風波】王永平:強國政治掛帥 吃中國飯愈來愈難 ([Lancôme scandal] Former accountable official Joseph Wong: “Strong nation” politics comes first, harder than ever to get China’s business)
Ming Pao, June 13, 2016

【Lancôme風波】范太指屬商業決定 看不到打壓言論自由 ([Lancôme scandal] NPC Standing Committee Rita Fan considers the decision commercial in nature, cannot see suppression of freedom of speech)
Ming Pao, June 11, 2016

報道指「8964」城巴車長遭停職3個月 城巴:個別處分涉員工個人資料,不便透露 (Citybus driver who put up “8964” reportedly suspended from duties for 3 months, Citybus wouldn’t disclose individual disciplinary actions involving personal information)
Ming Pao, June 11, 2016

記協去信申訴專員 投訴政府拒認可網媒 限制公眾知情權 (The Journalists Association files complaint with the Ombudsman for government’s refusal to recognize Internet media, restricting people’s right to know)
Ming Pao, June 11, 2016

呼籲港人七一繼續上街 民陣:決戰689 (Civil Human Rights Front urges Hong Kong people to continue to take it to the streets on July 1, against CY Leung and the current elective system)
InMedia HK, June 10, 2016