Monday, June 20, 2016

Hong Kong (香港)

Hong Kong bookseller defies China by leading protest
Al Jazeera, June 19, 2016

Video: Hong Kong’s “bottom line”: Supporters rally around returned bookseller Lam Wing-kee
Hong Kong Free Press, June 19, 2016

Hong Kong bookseller finds associates challenging his account of detention
The New York Times, June 20, 2016

专访:铜锣湾书店林荣基“早已被跟踪” (Interview: Causeway Bay Books Lam Wing-kee “has been followed early on”)
British Broadcasting Corporation, June 19, 2016

【林榮基現身說法】兩日兩刪文 環時再有報道消失 ([Lam Wing-kee explains] Two Global Times articles deleted during two days)
Ming Pao, June 18, 2016

【銅鑼灣書店事件】環時再發社評 斥林榮基為私利犧牲港穩定 稱反對派應有底線 ([Causeway Bay Books event] Global Times publishes commentary again, to denounce Lam Wing-kee’s sacrificing Hong Kong’s stability for own benefits, says opposition party should have bottom line)
Ming Pao, June 20, 2016

Bookseller Speaks Out for Freedom of Hong Kong People
Human Rights in China, June 17, 2016

林榮基兒子:今日赴中 測試會否再遭無理拘留 (Lam Wing-kee’s son: Will go to China today to test if I’d be unjustly detained)
Apple Daily, June 20, 2016

【音樂會如期舉行】何韻詩:這行動是告訴大家不需要害怕 ([Concert held on the same day] Denise Ho: This action is to tell everyone not to be afraid)
Ming Pao, June 19, 2016

Other brands dumped me after Lancome snub, says Hong Kong singer Denise Ho
何韵诗音乐会数千人到场 继Lancôme后其他品牌也取消合作关系
South China Morning Post, Date