Friday, August 12, 2016

Hong Kong (香港)

“System upgrade”? China visa suspended for foreign visitors entering Guangdong via Hong Kong
South China Morning Post, August 11, 2016

港大逾六成學生支持港獨大公報斥等同鼓吹殺人強姦 (Over 60% of HKU students support Hong Kong independence in a school publication survey—pro-Beijing newspaper Takungpao denounces the “abuse of freedom of speech” on this matter by comparing it with advocating murder and rape)
Radio France Internationale, August 12, 2016中國/20160812-港大逾六成學生支持港獨大公報斥等同鼓吹殺人強姦

【港獨爭拗】環時斥《學苑》教唆與內地玉石俱焚 引港律師指言論犯刑事應檢控 ([Dispute over Hong Kong independence] Global Times denounces HKUSU publication Undergrad for instigating Hong Kong independence “at all cost”, quotes a Hong Kong lawyer’s opinion to claim it as a criminal offence to be charged)
Ming Pao, August 12, 2016

【里約奧運】本土派旺角直播中港賽事 大公報:直播藏「獨」心,「撐自己人」是別有用心 ([Rio Olympic Games] Localists organize live broadcast of Hong Kong-China competition in Mongkok—pro-Beijing newspaper Takungpao claims the activity as a covert advocacy for Hong Kong independence, “support our own people” slogan has ulterior motive)
Ming Pao, August 12, 2016