Friday, October 28, 2016

Hong Kong (香港)

【胡國興選特首】獲中央祝福? 身體健康? 有無黑材料? 胡官參選記者會全面睇 (Retired judge Woo Kwok-hing to run for Chief Executive: General review of press conference)
Ming Pao, October 27, 2016

支持廿三條立法 胡國興:香港一直都是三權分立 (In favor of Article 23 legislation, Woo Kwok-hing: Hong Kong has always had separation of powers)
InMedia HK, October 27, 2016

【短片:胡國興選特首】胡指六四坦克對付人民「好唔妥」 若當選會向中央轉達平反訴求 (Woo Kwok-hing on June Fourth: Using tanks against its people “very problematic,” will reflect the demand for redress toward the Chinese central government if elected)
Ming Pao, October 28, 2016

【胡國興選特首】胡指與市民同感受梁振英誠信問題不了了之 稱「一定唔可以畀佢走雞」 (Woo Kwok-hing empathetic with the people: CY Leung’s credibility problem remains unresolved, “should never be overlooked”)
Ming Pao, October 28, 2016

Hong Kong has its first contender for next Chief Executive
The Diplomat, October 27, 2016

嚴正要求梁君彥下台 聯署聲明 (Joint statement: Solemnly demanding Andrew Leung Kwan-yuen to step down)
InMedia HK, October 28, 2016