Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Hong Kong (香港)

Thailand bars entry to teenage HK activist “at China's request”
Reuters, October 5, 2016

I was blacklisted without explanation: Activist Joshua Wong returns from Thailand
Hong Kong Free Press, October 5, 2016

【黃之鋒泰國被扣留】中方施壓? 袁國強:不信出動國與國壓力 指每個地方有其出入境政策 ([Joshua Wong detained in Thailand] Pressured by China? Justice Sec Rimsky Yuen does not believe pressuring between countries, says each place has own immigration policies)
Ming Pao, October 5, 2016

【黃之鋒泰國被扣留】泰學生領袖重申為學術活動 非鼓吹示威或暴力 ([Joshua Wong detained in Thailand] Thai student leader restates academic purpose, not encouraging protests or violence)
Ming Pao, October 5, 2016

遭泰國非法禁錮逾12小時 黃之鋒:曾擔心變銅鑼灣書店翻版 (Detained by Thailand for over 12 hours, Joshua Wong had worried that it might turn into a duplicate of the booksellers abduction)
InMedia HK, October 5, 2016

Umbrella politics: what it all meant at Hong Kong’s National Day flag-raising ceremony
South China Morning Post, October 4, 2016

中纪委背后站台?香港《成报》连日炮轰“乱港四人帮” (Is CCDI at the back? Hong Kong newspaper Sing Pao bombards “the group of four who mess up Hong Kong” for days)
Radio Free Asia, October 4, 2016