Monday, November 28, 2016

Hong Kong (香港)

彭定康承認當年推動民主不力冀倫敦幫港人“更大聲”發言 (Chris Patten admits that more democratization could have been done by colonial government, wishes London to “speak louder” for Hong Kong people)
Radio France Internationale, November 28, 2016政治/20161128-彭定康承認當年推動民主不力冀倫敦幫港人“更大聲”發言

前港督:港獨不可能發生但管治不善讓人民走向極端 (Ex-governor Chris Patten: Hong Kong independence will not happen, misgovernance pushes people to the extreme)
Radio France Internationale, November 26, 2016中國/20161126-前港督:港獨不可能發生但管治不善讓人民走向極端

彭定康香港演讲指责“港独” 《环时》斥其“另有意图” (Chris Patten criticizes independence movements in a speech in Hong Kong, Global Times denounces him for his “hidden agenda”)
Radio Free Asia, November 27, 2016

彭定康講辭中文版全文——善治:民為貴 (Chris Patten’s full speech in Chinese)
InMedia HK, November 26, 2016

黨報引調查:港近九成小學生講普通話機會少 (State media quotes study saying majority of Hong Kong primary schools offer few opportunities to speak Putonghua)
Ming Pao, November 26, 2016

What the people who voted for Hong Kong’s Youngspiration pair think now
South China Morning Post, November 27, 2016

Oath row: Basic Law trumps common law, judge says, as Youngspiration appeal LegCo ousting
Hong Kong Free Press, November 24, 2016