Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Hong Kong (香港)

Chris Patten to students: Hong Kong is not a nation state, do not deceive yourself
South China Morning Post, November 28, 2016

彭定康指港獨以為三五年可以推翻共產黨是自欺欺人 (Chris Patten on Hong Kong independence: If you think you can overthrow the Communist Party in the next two to five years, you are deceiving yourself)
Radio France Internationale, November 29, 2016

彭定康:香港自決不會發生 普選才是港人應得且會發生 (Chris Patten: Self-determination will not happen, universal suffrage is what Hong Kong people deserve and realistically possible)
Ming Pao, November 28, 2016

黨報:香港譽為「食品安全港」因內地把好關 (State media: Hong Kong’s reputation as a “food safety port” is thanks to China’s good guard)
Ming Pao, November 29, 2016