Thursday, December 08, 2016

Access to Justice (司法公正)

最高法:涉家暴离婚案, 未成年子女一般不判给施暴方 (Supreme People's Court: In divorce cases involving domestic violence, custody of minors will not usually be given to perpetrator)
China News, December 1, 2016

习近平对“五四宪法”历史资料陈列馆作出重要指示强调, 普及宪法知识增强宪法意识弘扬宪法精神推动宪法实施 (Xi Jinping at exhibition of historical materials on the "1954 Constitution": emphasizes popularizing constitutional knowledge, strengthening constitutional awareness, enriching constitutional spirit, and promoting constitutional implementation)
Legal Daily, December 5, 2016

1954 Constitution of the People's Republic of China
Human Rights in China, December 5, 2016

Human Rights Watch: Abolish inter-party secret detentions
China Digital Times, December 6, 2016

China to try top human rights lawyer, delays three other cases
Radio Free Asia, December 7, 2016

Seven Tibetans handed long jail terms by Chinese court
Radio Free Asia, December 7, 2016

Draft law expands Chinese police discretion on gun use
Voice of America, December 7, 2016