Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Government Accountability (政府问责)

China torturing suspects in “war on corruption” says Human Rights Watch
The Guardian, December 8, 2016

人權觀察報告批評中國秘密拘押制度損害反腐運動 (Human Rights Watch report criticizes the harm that China’s secret detention system does to her anti-corruption campaign)
Radio France Internationale, December 6, 2016中國/20161206-人權觀察報告批評中國秘密拘押制度損害反腐運動

“Special Measures”—Detention and Torture in the Chinese Communist Party’s Shuanggui System
Human Rights Watch, December 6, 2016

China vows to record graft probe grillings after torture report
Financial Times, December 7, 2016

Beijing grits teeth in face of Trump's tweets
The Guardian, December 5, 2016