Monday, December 05, 2016

Hong Kong (香港)

Resisting dissolution: The stalemate between Hong Kong civil society and China’s central government
Hong Kong Free Press, December 4, 2016

Hong Kong government seeks to bar four more MPs
The Guardian, December 2, 2016

陳弘毅:覆核規模較想像大 (Legal scholar Albert Chen Hung-yee on the judicial review: The scale is larger than I imagined)
Sing Tao, December 2, 2016陳弘毅:覆核規模較想像大/

【宣誓覆核】指中共打壓工具多 羅冠聰稱不驚訝政治生涯被縮短 ([Legal challenge to oath-taking] Nathan Law: The Communist Party has many ways of oppression; wouldn’t be surprised if political career is cut short)
Ming Pao, December 3, 2016

這是政變,推翻立法會選舉結果的政變 (Civil Human Rights Front’s statement in protest of legal challenge to elected lawmakers’ oath-taking: This is a coup—one that seeks to overthrow LegCo election results)
InMedia HK, December 2, 2016

Why Hong Kongers are calling for independence
Hong Kong Free Press, December 5, 2016

Hong Kong officials widen legal attack on fledgling independence movement
Reuters, December 2, 2016

“They want us to be silent”: Hong Kong lawmaker under threat vows to fight
Cable News Network, December 5, 2016

民族感情蓋過破壞法治憂慮:釋法支持反對相若 (Nationalism overshadows worries about infringed rule of law: For and against NPC interpretation of Basic Law roughly the same level)
Radio France Internationale, December 5, 2016中國/20161205-民族感情蓋過破壞法治憂慮:釋法支持反對相若