Monday, January 16, 2017

Access to Justice (司法公正)

Chinese lawyer held for more than 500 days in civil rights crackdown has mental disorder
South China Morning Post, January 14, 2017

中国维权律师李春富被释放后“精神失常” (Rights defense lawyer Li Chunfu suffers “mental disorder” after release)
British Broadcasting Corporation, January 14, 2017

709 Lawyer Released on Bail in Psychological Distress
Human Rights in China, January 13, 2017

China's top judge warns courts on judicial independence
Reuters, January 15, 2017

中国最高法院长周强公开拒绝“宪政民主”“司法独立”引热议 (President of SPC Zhou Qiang sparks heated debate after he publicly rejects “constitutional democracy” and “judicial independence”)
Radio Free Asia, January 15, 2017

扎实做好人民法院各项工作 以优异成绩迎接党的十九大胜利召开 (Solid performance by courts, welcoming the Party’s victorious opening of the 19th National Congress with outstanding achievements)
China Court Daily, January 14, 2017

决不落入西方错误思潮“陷阱” (Never fall into the “trap” of western erroneous ideologies)
China Court Daily, January 15, 2017

How nine Wukan villagers were illegally tried and sentenced after rising up against corruption
China Change, January 14, 2017