Monday, February 06, 2017

Access to Information (信息公开)

News on Tiananmen crash circulates, and is deleted
China Digital Times, February 3, 2017

禁报霾 8省发「特强浓雾」、大雾黄色预警及伏地魔 (Smog reports banned, eight provinces release warnings for “extra strong fog”, “yellow fog warning” and “Voldemort”)
Radio France Internationale, February 5, 2017中国/ 20170205-禁报霾-8省发「特强浓雾」、大雾黄色预警及伏地魔

Netizen in China's Sichuan jailed over tweet about “worst smog in 2,000 years”
四川网民发布雾霾温馨提示 遭秋后算账被行拘
Radio Free Asia, February 3, 2017