Thursday, February 23, 2017

Access to Justice (司法公正)

被关押的维权网站“六四天网”创办人黄琦病状堪忧 (“64 Tianwang” founder Huang Qi’s health declines in prison, family expresses worries)
Radio France Internationale, February 21, 2017中国/20170221-被关押的维权网站“六四天网”创办人黄琦病状堪忧

王军视频告妻不要呼救 办案警官威胁家属“三不能”(In video, Wang Jun warns wife not to call for help, case officers threaten family with “3 nos”: no foreign media interviews, no Internet posting, no self-publishing)
Radio Free Asia, February 21, 2017

江天勇律师父母遭当局监控 住宅被装摄像头 (Jiang Tianyong’s parents surveilled by authorities with cameras installed at their home)
Radio Free Asia, February 21, 2017

最高法:不得强迫任何人证实自己有罪 (Supreme People’s Court: Guilty pleas obtained by coercion not admissible in court)
Nightly Legal News, February 21, 2017