Thursday, February 23, 2017

Hong Kong (香港)

Former Hong Kong leader Donald Tsang jailed for corruption
The Guardian, February 22, 2017

33,000 gather in support of Hong Kong officers jailed for beating up Occupy protester Ken Tsang
South China Morning Post, February 22, 2017

三万多港人参加示威 支持七名被判刑警察 (Over 30,000 people participate in rally in support of 7 convicted police officers)
British Broadcasting Corporation, February 23, 2017

指有「半個警隊」出席集會 陳祖光:7警必上訴 要洗脫罪名堂堂正正回家 (Chan Cho-kwong: “Half of the police force” attended the rally, the 7 police officers must appeal and return home with a clean name)
Mingpao, February 22, 2017

Pro-Beijing, anti-CY Leung paper Sing Pao says management has received “serious threats”, website attacked
Hong Kong Free Press, February 22, 2017

信报引述董建华指如曾俊华当选中央不会任命 (Tung Chee-hua says John Tsang may not be appointed even if he wins as Hong Kong Economic Journal reports)
Radio France Internationale, February 22, 2017中国/20170222-信报引述董建华指如曾俊华当选中央不会任命