Monday, March 06, 2017

Access to Justice (司法公正)

百律师发声明谴责官媒抹黑谢阳 网民公开江天勇入狱前声明 (100 lawyers publish joint statement criticizing state media’s smear campaign against Xie Yang, netizen releases statement by Jiang Tianyong written prior to his detention)
Radio Free Asia, March 3, 2017

Video: Activist Jiang Tianyong “admits” fabricating account of lawyer Xie Yang’s torture [English subtitles]
Hong Kong Free Press, March 4, 2017

信阳警方“传话”安抚江天勇父母 律师将控告媒体“认罪” (Xinyang police “pass on message” to reassure Jiang Tianyong’s parents, lawyers lodge complaint against state media over “confession”)
Radio Free Asia, March 4, 2017

How Xie Yang’s transcripts of torture came to light: Lawyer Chen Jiangang rebuts China’s smear campaign
China Change, March 3, 2017

“In the event that I lose my freedom”: A statement by lawyer Chen Jiangang
China Change, March 4, 2017

China is now letting the people judge its judges
Quartz, March 6, 2017