Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Hong Kong (香港)

七成港人反对京官钦点 望重启政改 (70% of Hong Kong people oppose appointment by Beijing official and hope to reopen political reform)
Radio France Internationale, March 14, 2017中国/20170314-七成港人反对京官钦点-望重启政改

如何處理港獨? 林鄭月娥:如上任加強與內地關係 (How to handle Hong Kong independence? Carrie Lam: Strengthen relationship with the mainland like predecessor)
Mingpao, March 14, 2017

梁振英評分跌至39.4分 民望淨值上任新低 陳茂波民望淨值急跌近三成 (C.Y. Leung’s net approval rating hits new low since taking office, lowered to 39.4%, approval rating for Paul Chan decreases for 30%)
Mingpao, March 14, 2017

Which comes first, “one country” or “two systems”? Both, Premier Li Keqiang says, pledging Beijing’s support for Hong Kong
South China Morning Post, March 15, 2017

Hong Kong leadership rivals lock horns in TV debate
Hong Kong Free Press, March 15, 2017

Activist Joshua Wong hopeful democracy will win in HK
British Broadcasting Corporation, March 14, 2017