Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Hong Kong (香港)

China’s Communist Party puts ‘Hong Kong separatism’ on national security agenda
South China Morning Post, April 16, 2017

党媒把遏制“港独”纳入习近平的总体国家安全观 (Party mouthpiece puts “Hong Kong Independence” on Xi Jinping’s national security agenda)
Radio France Internationale, April 16, 2017中国/20170416-党媒把遏制“港独”纳入习近平的总体国家安全观

记者遭港警袭击 调查逾两年方确认滥权 警成袭击自由帮凶?(Journalist attacked by Hong Kong police, abuse of power confirmed after 2-year investigation, are police complicit in attack on Hong Kong press freedom?)
Radio France Internationale, April 17, 2017中国/20170416-记者遭港警袭击-调查逾两年方确认滥权-警成袭击自由帮凶?

It’s unbelievable: Hong Kong pan-democrat denied entry to Macau
South China Morning Post, April 16, 2017

保安局回應梁繼昌事件 稱不干預其他地區國家入境管理 (Security Bureau’s response to Kenneth Leung incident: Will not interfere in immigration management of other areas and countries)
Radio Television Hong Kong, April 16, 2017

Democratic Party leader urges amnesty for Occupy protesters and police
Hong Kong Free Press, April 18, 2017

胡志偉就特赦言論深切道歉 承認未經黨內深思熟慮討論 (Wu Chi-wai apologizes for amnesty suggestion, admits Democratic Party has not had thorough internal discussion on the issue)
Radio Television Hong Kong, April 18, 2017