Thursday, June 22, 2017

Citizen Participation (公民参与)

Kazakhs hit out at China's travel ban
Radio Free Asia, June 20, 2017

新疆没收哈萨克族人护照 关闭民间网站 (Xinjiang authorities confiscate Kazakh residents’ passports, shut down folk websites)
Apple Daily, June 20, 2017

广西数百老兵集体上访无果 赴京维权遭围追堵截 (Hundreds of Guangxi veterans petition Beijing for improved treatment, face suppression from authorities)
Radio Free Asia, June 20, 2017

要求加薪 珠海逾两千公交司机大罢工 (2,000 Guangdong bus drivers seeking higher pay go on strike)
New Tang Dynasty Television, June 21, 2017

数百名银行下岗员工连续两天在北京银监会维权 (Hundreds of laid off bank employees protest outside the Beijing Banking Regulatory Commission office for two consecutive days)
Radio Free Asia, June 20, 2017